Motivation for Your Marketing Staff

It seems like just about everyone is search for motivation these days. There is so many books and videos available today that it is hard to figure out what is actually worth your time. This 45 minute exchange with Tom Bilyeu and Mel Robbins is one of my favorite videos on motivation. Let me know what you think by sharing your thoughts.

30 Day Challenge – New Website Idea Everyday

Google Matt Cutts with John M Weaver

So with the Matt Cutts 30 day challenge I posted back in March I came up with the idea to come up with a new website idea everyday. After a few days I took it one step further and began purchasing domain names for my ideas.

After 30 days of domain acquisition I can honestly say I have more SEO ideas running through my head than ever before. Some of these sites will be created with white-hat SEO strategies while others are going to be fun with a black-hat edge.

Start snagging domains for your ideas!